Ideas from Deco Smart to make your room look expensive

What is a room if not a private sanctuary where the most intimate and relaxing moments of your life usually occur? Sleeping, reading a book or relaxing are just a few of the many enjoyable activities that you can do in this special place. As such, it requires special attention when decorating. Some say that money cannot buy happiness but it is better to cry in a Lamborghini. Deco Smart wants to bring you 5 decorating ideas to make your room luxurious and exclusive – no, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get there! Keep reading and find out.


How to transform a white room with Ikea furniture into a luxurious space? You can go around by simply painting the ceiling. One of this year’s biggest trends encourages less conservative experiences. Colorful, graphic, panel or black, even the craziest ceiling solutions do not overload the interior.

Ocean or other trendy but balanced shades will also make a difference when placed over your head. A painted ceiling adds depth to the design and a completely new sense of elegance.


An oriental rug in the bedroom is classy. White walls and a single bed are enough, the carpet will do the rest with a guaranteed effect. As we enter the room, our gaze first falls on the floor. A carpet with a bold color or an intriguing pattern will attract attention and speak instantly: “luxury”.

Especially oriental carpets, like Persian or Turkish. Color and design are one, texture is another. Besides the visual effect, carpets also offer a lot of tactile pleasure. If you do not want to splurge, choose a vintage or new carpet, and enjoy the softness every morning.


For your arrangement to appear more coherent and intentional, try repeating colors. Add some details in the room the same color as your accent color, to start. This intelligent method will allow your bedroom to acquire a great style in no time.

A painting with green elements will be even better when there are green pillows scattered on the bed. You can do the same thing with shapes. If everything seems too square, repeat a few circular patterns in the space to make it more dynamic.


Every interior with beautiful plants is immediately considered luxurious. Nothing that comes out of man’s hands can be compared to the absolute genius of our Mother Earth.

Here, it is important to note the aspects that are both visual and practical. Snake plants or jade plants, along with an absolutely dignified appearance, will refresh the air and positively affect your sleep. Chic with benefits – the core of timeless design for your room.


An awning on the bed is a great option for the intrepid but does not always match the decor. In addition, this may seem a little exaggerated. On the other hand, a headboard is a completely different story. To enhance sophistication, do not limit yourself to a normal size. The big padded headboards that go from wall to wall are what you really want.

Especially when they have integrated nightstands. You can even try to design and make one yourself. It’s easier than you think and an empty wall will no longer be a concern.