Top 4 Reasons Why Playtime is Important for Children

I always love to see children play as they look so energized, curious, and excited. They show the eagerness to discover new things and improve skills in socializing and communicating with other kids. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the top 4 reasons why playtime is important for children’s growth.

Playtime helps develop their skills and body strength

As they jump, crawl, and play with the ball, children also develop their motor skills. They learn the skills in balancing and body coordination with these movements. Apart from that, dancing also helps them improve their rhythmic skills by carefully following the beat of the music.

If you think whether playtime can make your kid stronger, well it can! Playtime also exercises their body. They become stronger as the bones and muscles tug with each other.

It helps boost creativity and self-confidence

Through play, children learn to conquer their fear and boost their imagination. They understand how the activity works and develop a strategy to play it. They also develop their confidence to try new things and engage in different movements. This is a new accomplishment for children which can improve their self-esteem, in return.

For children’s playtime, the Montessori Schools Jacksonville FL also devise activities that would help children gain creativity and confidence. They perform it both through art and physical play.

It helps them understand socialization and teamwork

Playtime is the best form of social interaction with children. It happened in a non-competitive environment, which doesn’t teach kids to win but only to socialize. Everyone takes part in the activity and owns a specific role. In return, the children are taught to work in a team.

It makes them happy!

Experts define children’s play as their work. True enough, they feel the enjoyment and fulfillment in performing play activities. They get the chance to fall and stumble; rise and play again. They learn new skills and get to know more of themselves and others. During playtime, you can also see kids laughing together which means they’re having a great time!


Playtime is an essential part of every person’s childhood. As Montessori Schools Jacksonville FL also values this approach, it is a lesson for everyone not to keep a child in a box. Instead, allow them to grow, learn, make mistakes, enjoy childhood and be independent!

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