Things All House Painters Should Know About Quality of Paint

Quality of paint is something that should never be compromised. All house painters Victoria BC understand that. Why? Because choosing a bad quality paint can result in shorter wall time, dull colors whereas a good quality paint will definitely have a longer wall time and will look vibrant as well.

Therefore, it is essential for all house painters Victoria BC to know what things differentiate a good quality paint from a bad one. Let us have a brief overview of all the ingredients of a good quality paint so you may always choose the best paint for your job.

  • Pigments

In simple language, pigments give color to paint. These are excellent materials and hide whatever is beneath them. Good quality paints have Titanium Oxide in them whereas bad quality paints have silica in them as a pigment.

  • Liquids

Now, what is the role of fluids in paints? Liquids allow house painters Victoria BC to apply paint on walls easily and smoothly. However, it evaporates afterward, leaving behind binders and pigments.

  • Binder

The binder as its name explains binds the particles of pigments together. The durability and time span of paint, both depend on the binder of paint. A good quality binder will increase the durability of your paint and will make it long lasting than a bad one.

  • Additives

Additives are responsible for the overall performance of a paint. They protect the paint against spoilage and other stuff. They also increase the binding properties of resins.

Being house painters Victoria BC, it is your duty to get the job of your clients done right as your clients are dependable on you and expect you to give them only the best. Therefore, always recommend the best stuff to your clients.

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