What You Should Know About The ESTA Application

esta application

An Electronic System for Travel Authorisation is what you will likely need if you are going to travel. In order to get it, you need to complete the ESTA application. Here’s what you should know about the application.

Many People Need To Receive An ESTA

You’ll have to complete an ESTA application if you’re going to the USA by sea or air. Even if you’re only going to be in transit, you will still need to lodge an application and be approved for an ESTA. If you arrive in America without an ESTA, then you could be sent back home. That is if you are allowed to board in the first place.

It’s Filled Out Online

The ESTA application is done online, and only online. You need web access and if you don’t, then ask someone you know to apply for you. After you lodge the application, you’ll receive a reference number. Make sure to keep this number in a safe place or you can print the entire authorisation page.

It Costs Money

If your application for the ESTA is accepted, you’ll be required to pay $14USD. You could end up paying $4USD in the event your application is rejected. This fee is per application, so the more people in your group that need an ESTA, the more you’ll pay.

It Expires

You have to fill out another ESTA application two years after you have received your ESTA. The ESTA expires every two years. Unless you plan on going to America via land or not visiting at all, then you’ll have to reapply for an ESTA.

Generally speaking, filling out the ESTA application and having it approved or rejected doesn’t take long. Most people who apply for an ESTA should receive a decision quickly. Some people find out within an hour or two of submitting their ESTA application, while some people end up waiting days.