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Over the years, under floor heating systems have been widely adopted in the UK. These systems are however spreading rapidly to the rest of the world with their high efficiency rating. Many homeowners are used to heating their houses with radiators. Radiators are placed on walls so that heating a house will have to be from the side of a room. But no one will ever touch or step on the wall. It’s the floor that people walk on. If the floor can be the source of heat, it can only be of benefit. For this reason, under floor heating systems are the best heating solution currently available. They will heat the floor first, and heat will pass through the floor and warm the entire room.

What Option Are Available?

A high demand for underfloor heating has resulted in a wide range of products to give consumers the freedom of choice. With under floor heating systems, there are two options available. These are the water based and electric under floor heating systems. At Soleheat we provide mostly wet underfloor heating kits and supplies, although we soon be offering electric solutions to our customers also. Water based under floor systems operate on the concept of hot water flowing under the floor and releasing heat. The water may be from the boiler or any other system meant to raise its temperature. This could also be a solar water heater for example. After the water is heated, it has to pass through a manifold so that distribution can be done in different zones.

Control and regulation

One may wonder whether a system under the floor can be monitored. The answer to that is a firm yes. Even if the system is embedded in the floor, their control components are placed in accessible locations. Different rooms can be monitored separately. If you need the heating system on in the bedroom only, you can just switch off all the other room systems. This is possible because each of the rooms will be heated independently.

Underfloor systems in different flooring’s

Underfloor heating systems are compatible with a wide range of flooring. Whether it is a new building or you want it fixed to your already existing home, installation is possible. Screed floors, as well as timber, suspended floors are examples of where these systems can be installed and function with great efficiency.

Benefits of under floor heating

When compared to the conventional radiators, under floor heating systems are seen to be more beneficial. At first, they are cheap to maintain. The water is heated to a temperature of only 50 degrees unlike the 60 degrees for radiators. This saves on monthly power bills where these systems are used 24/7. Considering that the heat comes from under the floor, there is an added comfort that is could never be achieved when these systems are fixed to the walls. No component of underfloor systems is placed on the walls. This means that the room is all free for furniture to be placed anywhere as desired by the homeowner. We hope your enjoy browsing our underfloor heating store and look forward to shipping your order real soon.